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Mujer por el mar

Adriana Silva

Adriana Silva is a contemporary abstract painter from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Life in a tropical island, surrounded by crystal clear beaches and luscious mountains, is the fuel and inspiration behind her expressive artworks.

By creating intuitively, her vibrant color palette and bold brushstrokes translate into dreamlike seascapes that capture the wildness, freedom, and calmness she feels when being near the ocean. Underwater gardens, sail boats made from flowers, deconstructed sunsets and sea anemones are some of subjects loosely depicted in her pieces, meant to take the viewer through a picturesque journey.


Adriana's Art

It took Adriana some time to find her artistic voice and develop a visual language. In fact, she started out professionally working as a content writer for various companies before returning to her passion for painting. Her bachelor’s degree in advertising and a master’s in creative writing from Universidad Sagrado Corazón, gave her the foundation to create paintings in series and the structure to tell stories. On the side, she focused on developing her skills and took art classes for years before arriving at
what she now feels is her personal style.
Silva’s work was recently selected for the exhibition “The Color of Water” in Sebastopol, California.  She’s also participated in various collective exhibitions in Puerto Rico, Wynwood Art Week in Miami, and New York Art Grand Opening in Tribeca. Her art has been featured in Palmas Live & Life, a local magazine, and was commissioned to create an original painting for the 10th year anniversary of CODA 21, a contemporary dance company in her hometown. Adriana was also an active member of the East End Art Gild, a group of artists that support the arts in the eastern side of the Island.


My art is a visual diary of my love for nature. I create each piece intuitively; the process is an ongoing conversation with myself and the canvas, a safe space to process the good and the bad that comes with life, a place I return to again and again to get my cup filled up. By painting loosely and using color as the main language, my intention is to create unique abstract pieces, that are not only vibrant, but speak to you on some level as well.
There’s something quite soothing about being out in the ocean. Maybe it is the waves crashing against the shore or the freshness of breathing salty air. Or just how big and vast and mysterious it seems, and how nervous and exited I get just before jumping in the water, I don’t know. But I do know that the sea, in all its roughness and stillness, mirrors something in me. That’s precisely the feeling I aim to explore in my latest series of acrylic paintings titled “Sea Inside”.
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