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A commission is a piece of art that is created specifically for you; for personal enjoyment, decorative purposes, a gift, or as part of a larger creative project. Commissioning an artwork allows a person, business, or organization to obtain a personalized piece of art that holds special meaning and significance for them. Let me create a unique painting for your home or office.
During this process, we collaborate to determine the painting’s concept, size, color palette, and other aspects, making sure the final piece aligns with your vision. The process goes like this:

The Process

1. Define your vision.

We start by clarifying and defining your ideas and preferences for the artwork. During our initial chats, where I get to know you and your personal preferences, we talk about your ideas for the painting and the history and meaning behind the concept. You can send me pictures of the subject or any visual that helps me get a better sense of what you want the final piece to look like. 

2. Proposal and Estimate.

I then send you a proposal with some graphic design mockups of the concept so you can see how the painting would look in your space. I’ll also send you size options, the timeline, framings costs (this is optional), shipping logistics, and a price estimate for the painting.

3. Agreement.

If we agree on the terms, then an initial 50% deposit is required to start the work. This will cover all material costs.

4. Work in progress updates.

If you want, I can send you pictures so you can see the progression of the painting, or you can wait till the end for the surprise reveal (this is up to you).

5. Final Approval.

Once I complete the painting, I will share the result so you can review and make sure it aligns with your vision and agreed-upon details. You can also provide feedback so I can make minor adjustments. 

6. Payment and Delivery.

Once you are happy with your painting, the remaining payment is made. I then proceed to deliver or ship the piece like we agreed.

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For more information go to the FAQ's section or get in touch.

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